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100 Reasons Why Having Crohn’s is The Best

100 Reasons Why Having Crohn’s is The Best Stolen from/r/CrohnsDisease Free cut-sies to the front of any bathroom line. In case of a fire, you are aware of all exits…and restrooms. You own an assortment of medical chocolates, creams, and … Continue reading

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I got a subscription

Thanks Jim

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xkcd is a such a great comic.

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Thanks Chris

I forgot Chris made this for me after we saw The Simpsons Movie

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Coversations with Ian

And the war rages on (11:23:53 AM) gomi: Michael Bay No Bluray No Transformers 2 (11:24:44 AM) Ian: awesome (11:24:53 AM) Ian: and bluray is leading the market now (11:25:02 AM) gomi: the fact that bay won’t make 2? that … Continue reading

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