New Programming Project

For the past few years I have been using a spreadsheet to keep track of my video game collection. It’s worked great but I need something better. Right now before I buy a game I check the spreadsheet to see if I own it, then I check Price Charting to make sure I am not overpaying. This is too many steps. I want to be able to look at my list of games with it being sort-able by name or owned. Click the desired game and have the current price or how much I paid and a note field for things like if the label is messed up. I’ll have an admin side to edit all of these fields naturally.

I am going to build this as a stand alone web page, a WordPress plugin, and a mobile app. Why? Why not? Oh and pictures. Gotta have pictures. I’ll be posting progress updates here and you can see it in action on when I am done.

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Luna by Travis Duncan

My cousin Travis is a fantastic artist and he made this beautiful picture of Luna for me.

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I discover things like this every time I fix something

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The Night

The lyrics of “My mind likes to talk about everything I am not, And even worse everything I am” just resonated with me and where I am in life. I hope Ms Wade has a long and successful career.

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Soleil’s main goal in life was to bite somebody. She took the task of guarding the house seriously, sometimes a little too seriously. I came home late one night after everyone had gone to bed and I almost became a casualty of Big Dog Bite’em GRRRRR Security. She was our girl that didn’t need love all the time. Where Luna would crawl in the bed and sleep Soliel only got in when she needed snuggles and she wasn’t leaving until she got them. She was my pretty girl.

Soleil passed away today after a fight with cancer. She was 10 years old and had a great life even though she never did get to bite a bad guy. Little Wyatt told us “I hope Luna and Soleil are together again”. If there is an afterlife I hope she’s with Percy, Luna, and getting spoiled rotten by my Dad.

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