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I finally got a new router

I bought a Netgear WNDR3400 dual band router from Woot last week and it arrived today. The only problem? My blu-ray player doesn’t pick up the 5ghz band. Hopefully there is an upgrade I can do to the wireless card … Continue reading

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My son and programming

Today as I worked I was holding Little Wyatt and had a realization. I want to be a better programmer because of him. Right now I feel like I am a good programmer and for most people that’s enough and … Continue reading

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Posting from my phone.

I downloaded the wordpress for my android phone and am giving it a trial run. I have added a link to the word “wordpress” but it shows for the while sentence. If this works I will definitely be posting more.

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Installing Microsoft Office on two computers legally

If you have a copy of Microsoft Office The EULA allows you to install it on your desktop and your laptop. Now this is fantastic. It means for me that I don’t have to use different tools when I have … Continue reading

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Android 2.1

Yesterday I got the Android 2.1 update for my Motorola Cliq and it is fantastic. Me and all the other Cliq owners had stopped believing Motorola’s promises that it would be released and I was actually looking at getting a … Continue reading

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