My son and programming

Today as I worked I was holding Little Wyatt and had a realization. I want to be a better programmer because of him. Right now I feel like I am a good programmer and for most people that’s enough and I will admit that’s how I felt until 2 weeks ago. Now, Instead of being good I want to excel at my profession.

I plan on focusing on the following: PHP, C#, SQL, SEO, HTML 5, and the dreaded CSS.

Tomorrow I am going to work out a plan to reach this goal as I have already lined up all the hardware and software I need. If you have any suggestions for me please feel free to comment and thanks.

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  1. Jodi says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of the O’Reilly books lately for php, mysql, seo, html and css. I believe one of my books has some info on HTML5, but I’ve mostly been using the inspiring internet. I strongly recommend working on MySQL too because almost everything in today’s internet has a database attached to it. It really helps open up what you can do in web programming and design.

  2. Wyatt Fuller says:

    Thanks Tiv. I’m thinking about getting a subscription to Safari and having all of the O’Reilly books at my fingertips. As far as SQL goes I’ve been using it since the COBOL days and I agree with you. If you can’t write SQL statements you aren’t going to get very far. One of my favorite books that actually taught me a lot of tricks is SQL Hacks. That one stays on my desk at all times.

    I am also going to start using CodeIgniter more for my PHP development. Have you ever used a framework like this?

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