New Programming Project

For the past few years I have been using a spreadsheet to keep track of my video game collection. It’s worked great but I need something better. Right now before I buy a game I check the spreadsheet to see if I own it, then I check Price Charting to make sure I am not overpaying. This is too many steps. I want to be able to look at my list of games with it being sort-able by name or owned. Click the desired game and have the current price or how much I paid and a note field for things like if the label is messed up. I’ll have an admin side to edit all of these fields naturally.

I am going to build this as a stand alone web page, a WordPress plugin, and a mobile app. Why? Why not? Oh and pictures. Gotta have pictures. I’ll be posting progress updates here and you can see it in action on when I am done.

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