Coversations with Ian

And the war rages on

(11:23:53 AM) gomi: Michael Bay No Bluray No Transformers 2
(11:24:44 AM) Ian: awesome
(11:24:53 AM) Ian: and bluray is leading the market now
(11:25:02 AM) gomi: the fact that bay won’t make 2? that made me happy
(11:25:14 AM) Ian: heh
(11:26:39 AM) Ian: well still… I know you think there can be two formats, but… it just makes things more complicated from the manufacturing standpoint. I believe EVENTUALLY BluRay will win out. Probably by the time we have another, higher def standard, available.
(11:27:03 AM) gomi: i don’t care as long as bay doesn’t make another transformers
(11:27:22 AM) Ian: it was that bad?

(11:30:59 AM) gomi: Transformers (2007)-BAD
The Island (2005)-BAD
Bad Boys II
Pearl Harbor (2001)-BAD
Armageddon (1998/I) – VERY BAD
The Rock
Bad Boys
(1995) -BAD
(11:31:34 AM) Ian: Actually… if you give the island a second chance, it’s not so bad
(11:31:44 AM) Ian: but I’ll agree with you on all the others
(11:31:50 AM) Ian: well, the one’s I’ve seen…
(11:31:52 AM) Ian: wait
(11:31:55 AM) Ian: the rock?
(11:32:00 AM) Ian: dude.. I loved the rock
(11:32:45 AM) Ian: sorry, but I have to say he has one decent movie, and one fair movie. the rest suck
(11:32:58 AM) gomi: Actors have often noted that he places more importance on the visuals than on his characters and actors.
(11:33:26 AM) Ian: yep… some directors get too wrapped up in that… and the movie turns into pretty eye candy
(11:33:30 AM) gomi: I can’t talk to you anymore
(11:33:39 AM) Ian: what?
(11:33:48 AM) gomi: Ian: dude.. I loved the rock
(11:33:57 AM) Ian: I HATE Nicholas Cage
(11:34:03 AM) Ian: OK.. I LIKED the rock
(11:34:11 AM) Ian: I wouldn’t own it, but I would watch it again
(11:34:16 AM) Ian: it was a decent movie
(11:34:21 AM) Ian: totally unbelievable
(11:34:29 AM) Ian: it had Sean Connery in it.
(11:34:50 AM) gomi: that’s like saying a decaying corpse has a decent smell
(11:35:04 AM) gomi: Connery will play any role
(11:35:20 AM) Ian: ok.. I shouldn’t have said “loved it”
(11:35:33 AM) Ian: but I stand by the fact that it’s a decent action movie
(11:35:36 AM) Ian: if you take it at that
(11:36:01 AM) Ian: The Island could have been OUTSTANDING… but yes, he took that one down a few notches

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  1. Tell Ian to keep his grubby little mitts off of Dwayne Johnson.

  2. tgpo says:

    I liked The Rock. Cage is the man!

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