To my Mom on Mother’s day

Happy Mothers Day Peggy Jean. I love you and am sorry that I won’t be there later today. I promise to make it up to you as soon as I get to feeling better.

Sorry about the cars, the parties we had while you and Dad we out of town, all the damage I caused to the house, for never seeming to remember what time my curfew was, for all the grey hairs, and for all the fights with Melynda.

Thanks for taking care of me when I was sick, for not killing me, for making sure I went to the “right” doctor, for always letting me vent to you, not getting too mad at me when I use words you don’t like, for always backing my play even when I was being an asshole, for putting up with me and my friends (They all love you too), for never getting mad about us playing the nintendo all the time, for teaching me all about my computers by screwing them up (format c:), and for having a sense of humor.

Thanks for loving my Jenni, Percy, and the girls. Even though I am pretty sure you like her more than me. For that matter I think you like Percy more than me but that’s understandable.

Thanks for being so stubborn and not believing “it was just a virus”.  If you hadn’t have done that I wouldn’t be here now.

I love you PJ and you are the greatest mom in the world. I wouldn’t trade you (or Dad) for anything. The only way I know how to repay you for everything is to be a son that you can be proud of. I don’t alway make the mark but I’m trying. I also know you will never pull a punch with me when I mess up and I really appreciate that.

I hope that you have a great day and never forget that your baby boy loves you very much. I will end this with a story for everyone to show how much you love me.
In 1988 I was waiting anxiously for the Zelda 2 video game. The day it was released I called Toys r’us and had them hold me a copy. I wasn’t old enough to drive so I called Mom at work and asked if she would go pick it up for me. Remember that “Pick it up for me” was code for “Mom, go buy this game for me”. I think it was at lunchtime that Mom actually had a car wreck. I guess it was Dad that called me and told me what had happened as PJ had gotten a little bruised up. On the way home Mom had CW run by Toy r’us to get me that damn game. And that is just one tiny example of what a fantastic Mom I have.

I love you PJ

* I wrote all of this while highly medicated. Please forgive any grammar or spelling errors.

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2 Responses to To my Mom on Mother’s day

  1. Bobbie Sue says:

    This is very sweet and fitting, Wyatt. I remember those times. She does truly love you and Melynda and Jeni and Percy and the girls! I love you too. We are all proud of the “MAN” you have become! Love and hugs.

  2. Jenni says:

    Aw, I just teared up a little! PJ, if you only knew how often your baby boy talked about how wonderful you are! You’ll always be the #1 woman in his life 🙂

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