Star Trek S1E8 ”Mimi”

Star Trek Season 1 Episode 8 ”Mimi”

Without a doubt ”Mimi” has been the creepist episode for me. Kirk is hitting on prepubescent girl! And of course she falls in love with him & helps the crew. Act two she gets jealous & betrays them. Then after Kirk gets a little handsy with her, sees the error of her ways and helps again.
Also why isn’t it explained how there is another earth, complete worth Ford and Chevy’s? This  episode is almost as bad as ”The  Man Trap”.
Finally why do they have to shout every episode? Why do we need to be reminded that Spock is an alien that had no emotions? Eight episodes in and that shit is getting old fast.

Total Body Count: 2 on screen, an entire planet before the Enterprise arrived.

On an unrelated note, this is my first time making a post using the new WordPress app on my phone.

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