Star Trek S1E7 “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

Star Trek Season 1 Episode 7 “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

In this one we learn about Nurse Chapel who is looking for her missing fiancé. Five years on a planet with no communication and nobody decided to check it out until now. Dafuq? I also liked they use of the term “The Old Ones”. I kept looking for Cthulhu to popup. Let’s talk about the guest stars. Sherry Jackson. WOW! She is hot and why they didn’t have her as a crew member is beyond me. Her and Uhura would have made the spank bank for many a young man and driven ratings through the roof. Add Sally Kellerman and they would have had the trifecta of hotness. Also in this episode is Ted Cassidy, he was a giant of a man and actually has the best speech of the entire episode. Below is a pic of them both so that you can see how great they look. Awesome episode with foreshadowing of Data in The Next Generation.

Total body count: 6 – Two Redshirts (1st time) and 4 Androids.

Sherry Jackson & Ted Cassidy

Sherry Jackson & Ted Cassidy

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