My 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Today was a good day. The only thing that went wrong was the gallbladder pains which weren’t that bad. I got paid finally and was able to buy Jenni an anniversary gift. I got her a netbook which will be here friday. Viva la Amazon!

At my doctor appointment today I was able to get off the Pentasa. I am now only on potassium, Imuran, and Nexium. Dr. Chaudhary wants to wait another month before we remove the gallbladder so that the Humira will have the Crohns under control.

All in all it was a good day.

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  1. Jeff says:


    I have been thinking of getting on for my Wife since she keeps talking about it.. Just wasn’t sure how appropriate it would be for an Anniversary.. Funny how it is our second one too!

    I also deal with Crohn’s. Luckily I am in remission.

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