Humira vs Crohns Disease Day 1

Today I started taking Humira for my Crohns. My doctor is hoping that this will do the trick and get my flareups under control. I’m even in a quality of life study to see how well Humira helps Crohns patients. I’m still taking the Pentasa and Imuran for right now but hopefully will be off them soon, possibly in the next month or so.

I’m using the pen delivery method. It’s really simple, take the caps off and “push the button Frank”. It’s almost painless but you are a bit sore after the injection due to the thickness of the Humira. My first dose was four shots and I felt some side effects very quickly. I got really dizzy and nauseous but was told that was normal since I had just taken two months worth of the medicine at one time. In two weeks I will take two more shots and one shot every two weeks after that.

One of the great side effects of me taking Humira is that it will also help my arthritis. Now this is something I am really looking forward to. Being able to move around painlessly is unbelievable to me. I think I am more excited about this possibility than I anything else.

I’ll be using this blog to keep track of my progress so check back if you are interested on how things are going. Below is a picture of me giving myself the first injection. I tried to get a video of it but the file was corrupted. Next time I will get one.

My first Humira injection

My first Humira injection

Day 1
Feeling sick even before I took the shots. I think I starting to have another flareup.

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  1. Nikki Matthews says:

    Dear Wyatt,
    I`ve just read your journal for the first time after coming across it on the Crohns website and was really interested to see that you are taking a drug called HUMIRA. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 1976 a total of 35 years ago!! I have had many operations, tests, spells in and out of hospital and taken every drug known to man I think but I`ve not heard off or been offered Humira. Like you I would also be interested in the benefits of the affect it would have on my Arthritis as well as the Crohns. Is this a widely used drug?? I am wondering if its only available in certain countries or if your in the UK certain areas?
    Any information you could tell me would be of great interest and I would be so grateful.
    I do wish you so much luck with your treatment and hope it all goes well and works for you AND I do hope today finds you well.
    Sending you lots of well wishes.

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