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Tonight’s gaming session

We are playing Dungeons & Dragons Basic using my red box from 1983 with the original dice. Classic gaming goodness right here.

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100 Reasons Why Having Crohn’s is The Best

100 Reasons Why Having Crohn’s is The Best Stolen from/r/CrohnsDisease Free cut-sies to the front of any bathroom line. In case of a fire, you are aware of all exits…and restrooms. You own an assortment of medical chocolates, creams, and … Continue reading

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Star Wars Lost Scene

They shouldn’t have cut this.

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Random Ramblings

A few things I hate: Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh. Political chain emails especially when they are inaccurate. Insurance companies and all the assholes that work for them. A few things I love: Pepsi has released the throwbacks again My … Continue reading

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The Big Mo

I forgot that I had promised Jenni a date night last night. So even though I felt like death I swallowed some Imodium, loaded up Percy in the car, and off we went to The Big Mo. After less than … Continue reading

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