Update to Victoria Stilwell Being a Bully

Today as I was looking to make sure no one else had posted a copy of my video I found this. I saw where other people said that they did it but this is the first one where the lady confirmed it. I seriously can not believe that all of this is happening.

Proof I was reported to DFACS

Proof I was reported to DFACS

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5 Responses to Update to Victoria Stilwell Being a Bully

  1. A suggestion in case you haven’t been already. Screenshot everything. Comments by her, her followers, comments on the video (if you haven’t already deleted them), comments from people about contacting child protective services, or animal services. Document all of it in case you have to go to court. That way you have proof that she sent 100k+ people out to get you.

    I hope that everything works out for you. She had no right to do what she did.

  2. HRG says:

    I am not spamming you, I found this link on copyright infringement and embedding youtube videos.
    Clearly she should have asked her lawyers about her actions and not yours.


  3. bbwraven says:

    Its like she’s on a smear campaign! Good luck and like Justin said….DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

  4. Wyatt Fuller says:

    Thank you. I appreciate it

  5. jodi says:

    So my parents let our German Shephard play with me when I was a baby, and I have pictures of cats watching over me. Does that mean they were bad parents? I think I turned out okay…

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