Fuller-Chamblin Family History

I have been really slack with my family genealogy work. I have comments to some of my posts that I need to follow-up on but life has been so busy with the baby. Now that things are starting to settle down I plan on getting back to it. I really want Little Wyatt to know where he is from.

If you are a potential family member please leave a comment below or email me at family@wyattf.com. Also check out fullerfarm.net for pictures of the family. Thank you.

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  1. Stephanie Harrison says:

    Hi Wyatt

    I passed on the Chamblin family line info to you several yrs ago and I recently started working on the Chamblin line on Ancestry. I have discovered a new website where you can look up info on Wyatt and Andy Chamblins civil war pensions. I knew my great grandmother died of tuberculosis, but I just discovered that Andy came home from the civil war with tb.

    I can even point you to our Chamblins (website) in Spartanburg SC where our Chamblins originated ……if you haven’t seen it.

    Congratulations on a new Wyatt in the world. Enjoy because they grow up quickly and before you know it he will be a young man.

    On a sad note, I was sorry to hear about Percy. My condolences. You might happen to remember that I too had a English mastiff…….Sheeba. The gentle giant. Broke my heart when she passed on.

    Stephanie Harrison

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