Six months later

It’s been six month since we lost Percy and I miss him every day. Luna & Soleil are doing good. I think they have stopped growing but they sure haven’t lost that puppy spirit. They also believe Little Wyatt belongs to them.

Little Wyatt has gotten big. He is developing his own little personality and I love spending time with him. Since my Crohn’s has gotten worse I have stopped working and am just taking care of my boy. I don’t know if things will improve but it’s unlikely.

I am collecting old video games and I even have a site dedicated to it. I can’t wait until the day Little Wyatt and I are playing together.

I have been very slack about updating content on Little Wyatt’s website. Over the next few weeks I plan on at least getting all his pictures up.

My goal for the month of November is to make at least a post every day even if it’s just a sentence or a picture. Let’s see how well I follow through with this one.

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