I now have an ipod touch

Today my sister called to tell me that a friend of hers was selling an iPod touch. I bought it and am actually posting this from it. Epic win!

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  1. From the WordPress app?

    Other applications you need to get (most are free):

    Flickr – browser photos from your contacts in-app. If you take screenshots on your iPod touch (hold home + power button at the same time, screen should blink when taking a screenshot), you can easily upload them to Flickr.
    Air Mouse – use the iPod touch (or iPhone) as a mouse/media controller on any computer on your wifi network. All it requires is a simple helper/server app to run on the machine being controlled.
    Bump – Share photos/contact details with other Bump users.
    NetNewsWire – Works great with Google Reader. Free and Pro (ad-free) version available.

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