The Periodic Table of Awesoments


  • Bacon is the atomic equivalent of Hydrogen.
  • Group I is Awesome People.
  • Group II contains Explosions, several types.
  • Groups III-XII include ways to destroy your enemy if you live in a video game (who doesn’t?) – also includes some hypothetical spaces, just in case.
  • The Yellow group is a smattering of different things including Boobs, Sex, Space, and Lightning
  • The Brown group is awesome foods like Ribs and Kool Aid.
  • The Blue group is a list of delicacies.
  • Group XVII is awesome things that can be defeated (Pirates, Zombies).
  • Group XVIII is awesome things that cannot (Ninjas).
  • The first “extra” row is awesome animals.
  • The last “extra” row is how to be awesome yourself.
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