Happy Birthday Dad

Me and DadDad At 14

Happy Birthday Dad.

Thanks for everything. Sorry about the car, truck, house, etc.

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Jeni says:

    Happy Birthday Uncle Charles, I wish we were closer to spend this day and everyday with you and the family.

    All our love~


  2. scott newman says:

    Happy Birthday CW! Sorry about the car and the house and all of the wild wrestling parties!

  3. Jenni says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Seems everyone else has something to apologize for–I’ll just say “you’re welcome” for getting Wyatt out of your hair!

    Hope your next year is even better than your last one, and that I won’t owe you any apologies before the next birthday 🙂

  4. Gina Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday, dad! You did a great job with this young man and you deserve another year of peace, love and happiness!

  5. Valerie says:

    Thanks for having such Great!! kids and Hope you have many happy years to come. We love you Grover and Valerie

  6. Aunt Bobbie says:

    Happy birthday again, old man! I am following and letting you lead the way into old age–just hurry it up, would ya? I gotta keep walking!! I love ya!

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