At work Wednesday Patrick told me that he had found a picture of my Dad on the internet.

I’m still kinda speechless. The picture is from 1979.


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11 Responses to Dad?

  1. Prity Sinha says:

    hehehehe……this could be your long lost twin! hahahahaha! Happy thanksgiving to you and Jenni! gonna be home the first week of Dec…maybe i can stop by for a glass of wine?

  2. Aunt Lynn says:

    kinda spooky

  3. scott newman says:

    holy crap are you a time traveler, i know ive seen you in those pants.lmao

  4. shannon says:

    OMG that’s just too funny!!!LMAO I wonder if he’s that excited *snicker* over his taxes or that fancy new computer!!:)

  5. I agree… Wyatt, in the future, you will become a time traveler. This is you, at age 45, in the year 1979.

  6. Carolyn Duncan says:

    Kind of a handsome fellow, don’t you think!

  7. Gina Lynn says:

    Holy shit…

  8. Phillip says:

    holy cow…

  9. Marty says:

    Wyatt!!! That is way too funny!!!! Both the picture of your Dad and your “Dad.” Hmmm….does bring to mind some questions. hehehe

  10. Melissa says:

    wooo, creepy, creepy, creepy………………..

  11. Riki says:

    hehehe…too funny.

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