This past weekend

I joined the Augusta Genealogical Society and started working hard on the family tree. So far I’ve made it back to the 1600’s with an Ezekial Fuller.

Here is an article I found for Janie-mama’s funeral from Jan 9 1962

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  1. Michelle says:

    Here is what I have so far: I have traced the Chablin line all the way back to Brian Chamblin Shamblin (1680-1754) and Ann Bennit (1685-1730). I have seen differences in where he was born, but the general agreement is France. They had 3 children; Aaron C. Chamblin, William Chamblin and Brian Chamblin Jr. We are direct descendents from Aaron C. Chamblin all the way down to Fanny Louise Eubanks/Jane L. Chamblin/Wyatt Chamblin Fuller.

    On the Fuller side, I have (as you have) traced it through several Ezekiels up to William Fuller (1610). What I thought was AWESOME was finding out more about his wife, Sarah Martiau! I traced her family (OUR family!) to England and then to France! Nicholas Martiau (1589/90-1656/57) immigrated to Va. in 1620 on the “Francis Bona Venture”. He is the Great, Great, Great grandfather of General George Washington!!! Yes…THE George Washington. It was all really, really fascinating!!

    I am currently working on finding more about Jennie Mama’s family. It is hard, since the Eubanks and Blanchards play such a hug roll in the family in many, many different places. If you have any information, please let me know. I only know Jennie Louise Maddox/Duncan was married to Robert Duncan. I have found where the Eubanks and Blanchards come together in the family, but very little about the Maddox/Duncan side. Mom said Cleveland Maddox is Jennie Mama’s brother and Sylvester was Robert’s brother. They had Elsie, Milton, John, Jack, Irene and Doris Duncan. That’s all I have. Please email me if you have additional info that can help me find out more!

    THANKS! Michelle

  2. Michelle says:

    Sorry for the typos…it is after 5am here and I have been up all night researching this stuff! lol

  3. Sherry Sowards says:

    I am a Chamblin researcher and would love to trade information with you.
    Sherry Sowards

  4. Michelle says:

    WOW! Teach me not to check the family site, eh, Wyatt? lol Anyway…I would LOVE to share info with you, Sherry. Feel free to email me at I have traced the Chamblins pretty far back.

    As for Maddox/Duncan (for those of you wondering…) I have just a tad more info.
    OK…I have Robert Duncan’s father as Millard Bouregard Duncan, born 1862. He married Irene “Josehpine” Patterson (born 1862) and they married at the ages of 16. In 1880, they had one child; 7 mth old Macie Josephine Duncan (1/12/1878-11/25/1917). She committed suicide due to unrelenting headaches that the doctor’s could not cure. Millard and Josephine went on to have Robert, Maggie, Sandie, Milard and Addie Duncan. Robert, of course, married Jennie Louise Maddox. In the 1930 census, it shows Millard to have remarried to an Orene J. Not sure what that’s about…need to research more.
    The Duncan’s appear to have come from Scotland through the line of Benjamin Franklin Duncan, though I haven’t quite connected him to Millard yet. Our immediates came from Anderson County, South Carolina, Charleston and Martin.

    I hope this helps anyone who is looking to find out more. I will update as I find out more. Love to all.

  5. Michelle says:

    Oops…they married at 18…sorry!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hello Wyatt

    I am one of your long lost cousins. My many greats grandfather was Dr Wyatt L Chambin Of SC and Columbia County, GA. Dr Chamblin died young but had sons
    David Anderson “Andy” Chamblin (my line), Wyatt L Chamblin II and William Chamblin
    and daughter Nancy.

    Andy Chamblin married Mary Antoniece Peek of Lincoln Co, GA. They had my great grandmother, Ida Chamblin.


  7. David says:

    My name is David Wyatt Chamblin. My father’s name is Wyatt (Nicky) Lucius Chamblin. His father’s name was Nicholas (Nick) Chenault Chamblin and he was from Grovetown GA. His father’s name was also Wyatt Lucius Chamblin. I’m sure there is some connection in there somewhere.
    Good Luck,

  8. Tricia says:

    I believe that the father of Brian Chamblin was Thomas Chamblin 1652-1719. Do you find that to be true? Do you know any more about Thomas? Feel free to email me at

    Probably your cousin,

    @Sherry Sowards

  9. Deanna McRae King says:

    Dr. Wyatt Chamblin and his wife, Prudence Evans (daughter of Humphrey Evans) had a son Wyatt Chamblin. This Wyatt and a Native American slave, Rena, grew up together on Dr. Chamblin’s plantation. They had two daughters before slavery ended, Plunie (Plu-nih) spelled “CLUMA” in that 1870 Census and Jennie. I am the g-g-granddaughter of Plu-nih. After slavery, Rena marries a Black slave from the Chamblin plantation, Eli Chamblin and has 4 more children.

  10. Sherry Sowards says:

    Have any of you male Chamblins had DNA testing done? There is a Chamblin surname project at Family Tree DNA. Several of the Chamblins descended from Brian have participated. The Shamblins are also found by DNA testing to be of the same line as Brian Chamblin. The female Chamblin’s can also be tested using the newer autosomal DNA testing found at Family Tree DNA and also I have participated in the autosomal testing at both companies and my father tested his YDNA at Family It would be great to have some from your line to test.
    Sherry Shamblin Sowards

  11. Linda says:

    I am a desendant from Brian Chamblin. I would like to share information with you and any you would share likewise. Brian was my 7th. Grandfather. Thanks.

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