True Story

4 or 5 years ago my buddy Ashley bought a dog, Daisy. A really hyper, high maintenance dog. He eventually gave it away to my future sister-in-law and they kept the dog for 3 years or so. Daisy is an escape artist. No yard, leash, rope, or chain could hold this dog down. Due to this fact Daisy was given to the pound about 6 months ago.

Last night as Jenni was getting ready to go to dinner she heard what she thought was Percy coming up the stairs. She walks into the bedroom and there on our bed was Daisy. Apparently someone adopted the dog as she was clean and had a collar and Daisy made one of her famous escapes.

Jenni called her sister to come and identify if this truly was Daisy. It took all of 5 minutes to confirm that the dog in our house was Daisy due to a couple of scars. (All received from previous escapes)

Daisy is now back at Jenni’s sisters house much to the dismay of her brother-in-law until we find Daisy’s owners.

I lead a fun life.

Side note: A couple left their names and phone number on my car last night with a note telling me that they have Mastiff’s to. Hopefully Percy will have a new playmate soon.

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  1. Man, that’s incredible. Dogs do some of the most amazing things sometimes…

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